As you know, the construction of new buildings or renovation is equally hazardous to the environment. Construction Industry contributes about 35% of the C02 emissions on the earth. 

There are a lot of efforts put into the battle against CO2 emissions, forming new strategies to make the construction industry greener over time. 

According to the International Energy Agency, the Construction industry could save for some 41 percent of global energy by 2035, compared to other industrial and transport sectors.

In UAE, buildings consume 80% of overall energy and 40% of energy across the globe. 

Therefore, the country, especially, Dubai initiated different energy efficiency plans:

– UAE Vision 2021

– Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 

– Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 

DEWA’s (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) Smart Living monitors energy consumption and develops strategies to reduce consumption. 

Dubai also implemented ‘Green Building Regulations and Specifications’ (GBRS) to improve the building performance by reducing energy consumption and enhancing building construction planning, designing, construction, and operations.

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) adapt integrated control of the connected system to improve energy performance and deploy energy management across countries. It will play an important role to initiate more green and sustainable projects. 

How to improve the energy efficiency of the construction industry?

As per the recent studies, there are two facets of energy-efficient construction: 

  1. “Green” Design & Construction materials.

2. Constant monitoring during operations.

 – Modify Design & construction plans

Well-designed and well-planned buildings can reduce energy consumption. The initial step is to make the construction project itself energy efficient.

Proper construction methods will contribute to the energy efficiency of the building in the future. 

You can ensure it by enforcing Building Energy Efficiency Codes.

 – Establish energy management systems

There must be an energy management system for controlling energy usage in buildings which helps to reduce energy demand. 

To develop this system, we must initially carry out energy efficiency assessments. 

As a construction and engineering firm, there are several practical methods such as:

– Stop usage of outdated machinery, tools, and equipment.

– Keep more energy-efficient equipment. It can also reduce the total cost of the project. 

– Building orientation impacts energy efficiency. It can reduce the need for artificial heating & cooling.

– Use energy-efficient, modern lighting options for construction. Even for mechanical and technical components such as HVAC systems, appliances, insulation, and other materials. 

At Leyan Engineering, we specialize in implementing energy-efficient systems in building development. 

If you’re planning to construct a building or renovate an existing one, we’re here to support you.