Why is sustainable living crucial in today’s world? People are moving to a more sustainable world by dedicating more time and effort to fighting global warming and climate change. 

If you have noticed, you will see that more people tend to grow vertical gardens inside their apartments and even workspaces. 

There is a high demand for energy and water in the construction sector. The UAE government has taken steps to make changes in traditional construction methods.

Is eco-friendly construction efficient? 

Yes! Research shows that eco-friendly buildings equally contribute to lowering solid and construction waste.

Moreover, it contributes to the well-being of the people by offering them improved ventilation, more natural lighting, and improved quality of life. 

In our previous blogs, we discussed how LEED Certification classifies each building and how the Dubai government has taken an interest in implementing greener and more sustainable buildings. So, let’s dive into the other aspects of eco-green building. 

What makes a building sustainable?

i. Energy efficiency

ii. Proper waste management

iii. Lower gas emissions

iv. Effective water usage

v. Environmentally harmonious architectural designing

How can we start sustainable construction?

Over the last decade, there has been constant refinement and improvement in sustainable construction. It leads to ‘best practices for the industry, considered to start with the initial stages of planning and designing. 

Architects focus on designing a more environmentally friendly plan for the construction. 

Non-toxic and sustainable Construction materials play a crucial role in sustainable construction. The use of sustainable construction techniques reduces its impact on the surrounding environment, reducing noise and light pollution. 

Benefits of Eco-green buildings

a. Conserve natural resources

b. Provide habitat for flora and fauna

c. Reduce greenhouse gases

d. Fewer wastes.

To know more about eco-green building construction, contact us! We will give you detailed information on how to design your new building.